Crime Victim Assistance

Helping victims to process and move past traumatic events

If you have been the victim of violence or crime, or have witnessed this happen to someone else, you may qualify for counselling through the Crime Victim Assistance Program.  The focus with this service is to help clients process what has happened, develop skills and coping strategies to reduce the impact of the crime, and to restore functioning.  A valid claim number and a statement that indicates the number of approved sessions must be provided prior to your first session.

 For more information or to determine if you qualify, please consult the Crime Victim Assistance Program’s website:  or call VictimLink BC (1.800.563.0808).

I am approved to provide this service for those who qualify and I specialize in abusive relationships / domestic violence.  I also currently facilitate groups for women who have experienced abuse through an organization called When Love Hurts.

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Victim Assistance Psychological Services:


  • Teach clients about their symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Teach clients about the cycle of abuse, dynamics of power & control, and its impact (when relevant)
  • Help them to understand the psychological and functional changes within the context of witnessing or experiencing an act of crime / violence
  • Provide coping skills to enhance client resiliency and restore functioning 

Symptom Management

  • Management of symptoms related to depression, including: low mood, negative thinking, hopelessness, and social withdrawal
  • Management of symptoms related to anxiety, including: constant/global worry, feeling ‘on edge’, restlessness, and panic attacks
  • Enhance self-care

Processing of Traumatic Event(s)

  • Enhance the client’s sense of safety
  • Facilitate the processing of the traumatic event and resulting symptoms
  • This can help client make sense of what happened, expedite healing, and reduce the impact of symptoms

Report Writing

  • Preparation of initial assessment, treatment plans, and progress reports
  • Preparation of objective reports to assist courts
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