ICBC Funded Counselling

Providing supportive counselling to begin the process of healing

If you have been physically injured or are suffering emotionally as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accident, you may be eligible for free counselling.  As of April 1, 2019, you are entitled to 12 pre-approved sessions within the first 12 weeks following an accident, regardless of whose fault it is.

I am authorized to provide counselling through the ICBC Automobile Injury Recovery Services, specializing in the management of anxiety.  I also help individuals manage pain and depression using mindfulness-based strategies.  

For more information, please consult the ICBC website:

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Psychological Services


  • Teach clients about their symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Help them to understand why they have experienced psychological and functional changes within the context of a personal injury
  • Provide coping skills to enhance client resiliency and reduce impact of symptoms

Symptom Management

  • Management of symptoms related to depression, including: low mood, negative thinking, hopelessness, and social withdrawal
  • Management of symptoms related to anxiety, including: constant/global worry, feeling ‘on edge’, restlessness, and panic attacks
  • Enhance self-care

Processing of Traumatic Event(s)

  • Enhance the client’s sense of safety
  • Use of art to express and process traumatic event and the resulting symptoms, which can be beneficial to those clients who have not found more traditional talk therapy helpful
  • Processing the trauma can help client make sense of what happened, expedite healing, and reduce impact of symptoms

Report Writing

  • Preparation of initial assessment, treatment plans, and progress reports
  • Preparation of objective medical-legal reports to assist courts 
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