What to Expect

Let's face it, the idea of going to counselling can be anxiety-provoking, intimidating, or just plain uncomfortable for some people.  It takes courage to pick up the phone and ask for help, so as I see it, my job is to try to make the process as comfortable and transparent as possible. 


What I aim to do in our work:

  • Help you to find balance and listen to your desires & needs
  • Support you through loss & change
  • Get you back in touch with what matters to you
  • Encourage you to evaluate your situation from different perspectives by sharing my observations
  • Share practical tools or resources 
  • Gently challenge you to take responsibility for your role in any problems you are facing
  • Guide you to become more self-forgiving & embrace your imperfections
  • Collaboratively brainstorm possible next steps

What I aim to NOT do in our work:

  • Tell you exactly what you should do to solve the problem
  • Claim that I have all of the answers 
  • Claim to understand your life better than you do
  • Encourage ongoing blaming others for the issue
  • Encourage an exaggerated/unhelpful victim mentality 


For more information about what you might expect to gain from specific types of therapy, please have a look at the Services for Individuals and Services for Couples pages.




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