Month: <span>March 2020</span>

The Benefits of Video & Telephonic Counselling

This time of uncertainty and change can challenge our coping, strain our relationships, and may take a toll on your mental health.  Support and clarity is only a couple of clicks away!


I’ve had hesitations about counselling by video or phone in the past – there is something unreplaceable about being in the same physical space as a client.  H0wever I’m learning why video counselling and phone counselling can be such great options – now more than ever!  Read on if you are considering this as an option – and hopefully address any questions that you have had.



It’s unbelievably convenient.

Going to see your therapist is unlike most other appointments you have, in that you really don’t need to be there in person (sorry but it can’t say that for the dentist, RMT, physio, hair, chiropractor, etc.) We, as counsellors, are fortunate (especially during this time) that we can provide services without you having to leave your home. 

It’s a time-saver for your mental health.

No commute required, no trying to squeeze an appointment in over your lunch break without the boss noticing you left early, no trying to find parking or even paying for gas or transit.  If you are working from home, you can seamlessly weave a session into your day as needed.

You will get used to video therapy quickly.

For some people who are used to traditional counselling, they may have hesitations – I get that.  But I think you’ll find that after figuring out the technical stuff (which is actually very straightforward with JANE), within a few minutes you will forget that there is even a screen between us.

Telephone counselling move you toward your goals – quickly.

And for those of you who are still feeling camera shy after reading this, telephone counselling can also be really effective.  There is actually evidence suggesting that people delve into their issues soon and work towards a resolution much more effectively than in-person.  Imagine — having a safe space to discuss your most personal issues, a supportive voice on the end of the phone… but without feeling like they are staring back at you are analysing your body language (not that we do that)!  I am always amazing at how effective this modality can be – I think people are more willing to open up and cut to the chase.


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